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Want to put the ISNURH pieces you don’t use anymore to good use, while getting a discount on new items? Send it to us, and we’ll take care of your old items, and you will receive a discount code in return, which you can use on any article you want (excluding all items currently on sale). The percentage of your discount depends on the article of clothing you send. Find out more and renew your wardrobe by clicking this link to our webshop.

The 'what'

What do we do with your pieces?

Design students often need to work with used garments and other more sustainable alternatives to fabric by the meter to practice construction, sustainable ways of designing, and exploring their creativity. Likewise, education is often expensive in terms of fabric and trims. We donate the pieces we cannot mend to young creatives at design school around Denmark and give them the opportunity to explore their own creativity and skills without having to pay for new or second-hand textiles.

The 'How'

How your discount works

By handing in or sending your ISNURH items, you will receive a discount of 20-30% depending on the item. When we’ve received your item, we will send you a discount code to our web shop, which has to be used within a month. See the table below for your discount: 

30%: Jackets – Coats, Vests, Jackets

25%: Tops & Bottoms– Hoodies, Crewnecks, Knit Sweaters, Shirts, Overshirts

20%: T-Shirts – T-shirts

Max 2 items per code, the code is not stackable and can only be used once. Please use your unique code within the next month - code expires Nov. 1st, 2022. 

The 'Why'

Why we’re doing this

The fashion industry is notorious for not thinking past the use-phase, meaning that most companies’ responsibilities for their items end with the purchase. This leaves discarding, donating, mending etc. in the user’s hands, who may not always know the most sustainable practice when it comes to donating or discarding their items.

We want to take responsibility for ISNURH items, who’ve served their purpose. Normal wear and tear such as color fading, abrasions and stains are often hard to repair – but for design students with a sustainable mindset, these items are unexplored goldmines waiting to be upcycled. That’s why we’ve chosen to donate your ISNURH items to students. Because they can see opportunities, where others maybe can’t, and have the skills and facilities to create brand new, cutting-edge designs out of pre-loved items and reduce textile waste.

The 'Practical stuff'

Shipping your items

To get your discount code, you need to send us any old ISNURH design. Please write an email to with your name, email and item, before you ship the package. To ship your package, please follow this link (send.gls.dkt) and make an order to:

Isnurh Aps.

Bredgade 71A 

1260 København K 

As soon as we receive the item, we will e-mail you with the discount code, which is valid for one month after receiving.The shipping is not included.