Anderton Overshirt

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About the Design:

A overshirt that has a name similar to a dude with sunglasses, from a movie we all watched in the early 2000's that was about computers taking over the world.
This Overshirt however, does not try to suck you into the void, but it IS made from 100% cotton Seersucker though. 

Made in Europe, more specific Lviv, Ukraine. 

Dont wash it in a washing machine, thats just disrespectful. - Take care of it, and then i'm quite sure it will all make sense what is the right thing to do. Use that brain of yours. 

Size & Fit:

Fits true to size, so dont bother taking chances. 
Model is wearing a size Medium.

Model Height 183 CM

Details & Care:

Material: Polyester and Cotton blend
Under-sleeve: 100% Cotton Seersucker
Biodegradable buttons made in Italy
Dry clean or hand wash for optimal preservation
Made in Europe
Size: S