"Self Service"

The collection embodies a powerful message of self-care and mental health through its thematic exploration but also extends its ethos into the very materials used in its creation.

The collection predominantly features fabrics sourced from Europe, carefully chosen for their superior quality.

These materials are not just a base for the art; they are an integral part of the collection's narrative on well-being, mindfulness and consideration.

Through this thoughtful integration of tactile fabrics, "Self Service" transcends traditional boundaries of art and fashion. It becomes an immersive experience that not only highlights the importance of self-care and mental health but also offers a tangible, sensory pathway to achieving presence and mindfulness.

This collection, therefore, stands as a testament to the belief that the path to taking care of others begins with taking care of oneself, grounded in the present and nurtured by the quality of our surroundings.

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